1 Netflix Queue. 1 Year. 1 Man. 1 Snappy Headline.

1 year to watch his entire Netflix queue – that’s 500 films, writer, performer, bouncer Bucky Sinister was up for the challenge. Did he make it? What was his favorite and what was his least? What about dating? I don’t know – just listen already.  Comedian Mike Spiegelman joins in the conversation. Mike’s much younger brother Adam Spiegelman hosts. Much, much younger.

We recorded at the  “Dark Room Theater” in San Francisco. Check out the shows there and their “Bad Movie Night” every Sunday.

Bucky is a great writer and performer. Check out his work. And if you are in a program fill your God size hole with his books. Or if you are really a fan, go to the club where he works and get into a fight so he has to throw you out and you can tell him what a fan you are as he tosses you out the door.

Mike tells the truth

Ok, I’m watching the “Apprentice” so I don’t know what else I need to say.  Leave a comment, subscribe, spade your dogs and cats, etc.

We tried something new this week, what do you think of it? You have other movie related people to talk to? email me. reachadam@mac.com. Please don’t email me late at night all drunk and handsy.

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