“The Fate of The Furious” review with @SeanConroy

“The Fate of the Furious!” Sean Conroy and I review the 8th “Fast and Furious” movie! If you love hearing people talk about family and have BBQ’s, this is the movie series for you! Sean and I went to the Thursday night screening.

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Jessica Chastain to Play Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks

A bio pic of legendary civil rights leader Rosa Parks is finally in the works. Producers say that Jessica Chastain has been cast as the woman who stood up for herself, and an entire race, on a bus one cold winter day in 1955.

“Jessica Chastain was the obvious choice,” the casting director said in an exclusive. “The producers said, ‘Get me that woman from ‘The Help.’ So I did.”

“Having Rosa Parks be played by Jessica Chastain was not intentional, but we will go with the flow. We’re sure Ms. Parks would want it that way,” stated a nervous studio executive at Tone Deaf Films. “We just had Scarlett Johansson playing an Asian character in ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and Jude Law recently played Michael Jackson. We would be racist if we fixed our error and replaced her with an African American woman.”

Update:  The role of Martin Luther King, Jr. has been filled by Ryan Gosling. “They said, ‘Get us the guy from this year’s Oscar winner for best film,” Mr. Slope informed us as he packed his boxes. “Listen, Gosling was in a musical and he can’t sing. Apparently, we’ll put him in everything.” 

“Back that Bus Up” will be released just in time for Columbus Day.

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Dying Man’s Only Regret is He Spent Too Much Time With his Family

Merv Flipburn, movie producer died late Thursday. The coroner called the time as “Right after ‘Scandal’ and right before I realized ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ wasn’t on.” Flipburn was a beloved producer in Hollywood was known for being able to sell any script or idea.

“I remember one time he was pitching me in my office during allergy season,” said one studio head, “I sneezed, he said ‘Gazuntite’ and before I knew it, I said, ‘I’ll take it.’ Merv was that good in a room. The movie was a bomb in the States, but did well in Germany.”

“The one thing in life I regret not doing,” one family member reported Flipburn saying from his deathbed,  “I regret not doing more movies with Dwayne Johnson. I should have pitched The Rock more. I made Dwayne an inspirational sports coach, a mean bachelor who becomes a softy, a video game character in a hopeful but DOA franchise, indie film actor, a tooth fairy who learns to be less of an abusive boyfriend/step father and to floss… But there was  always more I could do. I could have done more.  Rock could’ve done a a rehab movie. He had a “28 Days’ in him. My time on this planet was too short.  I will always regret it. There never seems to be enough time in the day. Such is life. It will always regret not getting him a romcom.”

Shortly after making that statement, he passed on.

Mr. Flipburn is survived by his annoyed wife and three shocked and disappointed children.


“An Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe” to Be re-Imagined

Jessica Chastain to Play Rosa Parks

“An Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe” to Be re-Imagined

In the tradition of “Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters” and “Jack the Giant Slayer,”   MEH  Films is rebooting, or re-soling,  “An Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.” To be directed by Battle Ship’s Peter Berg, “A Really Big Shoe.” has been described as “‘Die Hard’ in a size 9” Berg said he always wanted to tell this classic children’s story. “I remember reading it as a kid thinking. “This is cute, but where are the explosions?”

Kristen Stewart has signed on to play the old woman.  “I am excited to get a chance to walk in this character’s shoes,” said the “Twilight” star, “Although you won’t be able to tell from my face. It’s great that there are still roles for women over 20. ”

Stewart will play a laced up old woman who lives in a shoe and has so many children, she’s not sure of her options. Then on Christmas Eve, after putting her many children to bed with broth, but no bread,  a sinister terrorist organization with no ties to any one country (but we all know where, right?) invade her home. Stewart’s old woman character must save the day and the shoe.

No release date has been set, but one studio head did say, “The holidays are very busy for us. So we might try and shoe horn it between Christmas and New Years.”

“Room Full of Spoons” Director Rick Harper

We have our interview with Rick Harper, the director of “Room Full of Spoons” the documentary about Tommy Wiseau and his movie, “The Room.”

Find out about the legal feud with Tommy, their strange friendship, where Tommy is actually from, how much work did it take to find his home town, and what Rick thinks of James Franco’s new movie “The Masterpiece.”

Rick Harper is a filmmaker who like many became obsessed with what’s been considered, the Citizen Kane of bad films, called “The Room.” The movie is about a man betrayed by his best friend and his future wife.

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“Air-Raid” No More. Aaron Roden is a Quitter!

Air-Raid is no more.  Today I’m talking to podcaster Aaron Roden. For the past 5 years Aaron was the host of “Air­-raid.” a super cool music interview show out of Seattle.

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Michael Keaton is “Jack Frost” w/ Bret Berg

Michael Keaton, before he wreview180-jackfrost1998-panel2as “The Founder,” he was “Jack Frost.” We talk to one of the writers of the film and review the movie!

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@AdamFelber & @DuBouchet Review Movies

Conan writer Andres du bouchet and from Wait, wait don't tell me, Adam Felber give hilarious reviews for the latest films.

Adam Felber and Andres Du Bouchet perform their classic “tough” movie reviewers from the “website” “Ain’t Everything Cool dot Yes!” They’ve done these characters a few times over the years on the podcast. Always funny. 

Here are a couple of past reviews from “Ain’t Everything Cool Dot Yes”:

Here and here

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Ed Salazar’s Punk Trump Christmas

Comedian (Comedy Central) Edward Salazar impersonates punk icon Jello Biafra bringing down the Trump administration. It’s a hilarious take on “T’was the Night Before Christmas.”

This BONUS EPISODE was recorded during the “Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game’s 15th Annual Holiday Special!” 

Listen to another hilarious sketch from that show, with Adam Felber and Andres du Bouchet.

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Four Ho Ho Horrible Holiday Films

We’re ripping apart, Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, Star Wars Holiday Special, Adam Sandler’s 8 Crazy Nights and a blasfominst review of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” plus a new song from the great Rob paravonian.

Click here for more Christmas movie reviews!

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