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Michael Keaton is “Jack Frost” w/ Bret Berg

Michael Keaton, before he wreview180-jackfrost1998-panel2as “The Founder,” he was “Jack Frost.” We talk to one of the writers of the film and review the movie!
Welcome to Proudly Resents. The cult movie podcast. The best movies you didn’t know you wanted to see. Today we deep into the Michael Keaton movie Jack Frost. Keaton plays a neglectful dad that dies and comes back as a snowman to make it up to his son. I feel like, that’s it. What else is there. Shows’s over. Play the end credits… NO, no no!

My friends a frequent guests Paul Sullivan and Jeff Cesario talk about about Jack Frost. We were recording an episode about “The fish that saved pittsburgh and Jeff drops the bomb that he co-­wrote “jack Frost!!!” what the what!??! Jeff, by the way, wrote for the larryrooneyandkid sanders show and was the comic that was always bumped from the show. So Jeff gives context and behind the scenes stories.

But first! Brett Berg, who used to program films for the legendary Cinefamily theater and is now a hot shot at Alamo Drafthouse Theaters in LA, talks about his take on Jack frost. We were at a party he threw where he showed a 45 minute version of Jack Frost. He said he felt like the showing the whole film would pissed people off, so he just showed the good parts. He also did an edit of “Silent night deadly night 5: the toy maker” with Micky Rooney. We didn’t get a chance to talk about it. As you can hear, there was a party going on outside, so it was hard to do a longer interview.

We have a sponsor, Tejack-frost-11e Public. It’s great quality cool t­-shirts. Go to for star wars life day, breaking bad, the room an dother themed christmas shirts. Also a great place to get gifts. They are running a sale right now. So their normal decent price is now low. I love their shirts and I was able to curate the ones I think you’ll dig too. I hope you liked the show. Go to to hear the full interview with Paul and Jeff. Besides tearing about “The Fish that saved Pittsburgh they talk a lot about writing for comics like Dennis miller and Garry Shandling. Jeff came on this show a few times playing his very funny character, chet the sports guy. I’ll have links to those episodes and the many funny reviews Paul has done on our show. 

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