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Racist Game Show?

Was Chuck Woolery secretly insulting contestants?

While editing this week’s new episode of “Proudly Resents,” I took a break to watch the game show “Lingo.” The show went from boring time killer to Friar’s Roast in 10 minutes. How did they get away with it?

On “Lingo” you have to figure out what word the computer is thinking of by taking guesses.

Two couples compete against each other. I assumed they were couples. That would make sense. There was a male/female black couple and a male white couple.

Look at the word the black couple had to guess.

This seemed strange and enough to snap this picture. Maybe that’s a funny random act. The black couple just happens to get the word “ebony?” Ok. Strange, at least they got the points.

The white team round kicked the other teams ass and sent into a bonus round. How do I know this? Chuck Woolery kept harping on the slaughter. We get it Chuck.

The computer proved to be a equal opportunity offender by giving the possibly gay team this strong message.

Followed by this random word choice…

And this the random word machine got mean…

Because game shows are governed by the FCC questions have to random, so it’s strange that these words came up when they did. Unless the computer was programmed by a shock jock.

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