“Road House” Sex, drugs and Swayze – What really happened!

Joel Stein & Kathleen Wilhoite talk “Road House.” Kathleen acted and sang in the movie and gives a candid account of the nuttiness on the set of “Road House.” She talks about the crazy party life on the set and the time Patrick Swayze beat up an extra on camera. As Kathleen puts it, the behind the scenes stories are just as crazy as the movie.

Kathleen also talks about playing a singing crack addict on “Cop Rock,” working on ER and few other things she can remember from those days.

Kathleen tells some really great stories. Joel is great guest and very funny. Enjoy this episode and share it with friends.

Listen to Kathleen’s very funny podcast “Suck the Joy.”rhfphoto

Buy Joel Stein great book Man Made.

Here are my notes for the interview. We didn’t get to a few of the points because Kathleen was just giving gold and Joel was right on it. Maybe follow these notes when you watch the film. You can get the movie on Netflix:Snail AKA Not Instant. I happen to live 5 blocks from the last remaining BLockbuster in LA. They not only had “Road House,” but the clerk double checked that is wasn’t “Road House 2” and warned me from the sequel. He said it had no plot. He didn’t know that his warnings were tempting me. It’s like tell someone not to date a bad boy. Speaking of bad boys, how crazy is that line!


Here are the notes:

Proudly Resent Roadhouse 1989

Joel stein – man made a stupid quest for masculinity.

Kathleen will – hoit  –  “suck the joy”

Why did the woman have a switch blade

Gold plastic

Dressed like a your dad

Sewing his own arm.

The best 5000 upfront 50 a night. All medical expenses.

Why are the women carrying switch blades?

Bad ass car

Shirtless dudes dancing in the bar

High wasted pants

Bar rescue!

Bouncer school.

Anyone else here dealing?

Expect the unexpected.

Ever get thrown out of a bar?

Cock sucker – 2 nouns put together.

Car gets trashed

Skinny dippers – he likes to watch to watch (from National Lampoon Radio Hour)

What’s with the 50’s soundtrack?


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