Top 5 Ho Ho Horrible Christmas Movies


The worst Christmas movies of the last 20 years as picked by Mike Spiegelman. We know that Santa Meets the Martians or The Ice Cream Bunny are terrible, but what about the new classics? Besides these top five, listen to recaps of “The Christmas Shoes” and   the Santa reboot “Santa Claus: The Movie”

Check out the list below. What are we missing?

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“Christmas with the Kranks”

Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis star in “Christmas with the Kranks.” It’s my brother’s favorite good/bad holiday film. Mike tells me all the time. I hear it all the time! Finally watched it. It’s a film about a couple who decide to not do Christmas, which is apparently illegal in their small white block.



Mike and I recap this Christmas crap with ho ho holiday cheer.Special guest: My niece Molly! She runs around and is just being cute.


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 5 Worst Christmas Movies, ever

Check out the recap of “The Christmas Shoes.” It’s the VHS Rob Lowe doesn’t want you to see.