Court TV Confessions With Georgie George

Late at night at the offices of “Judge Alex” writer/producer Georgie George and I talk  about her craziest cases, people fighting in court and what makes a good show. There’s a bit of movie talk:  Leonardo DiCaprio  not getting any respect, the Oscars, Lenny Henry, Eugene Levey, Ben Affleck snub and most importantly, court TV. Read more about Court TV Confessions With Georgie George[…]

Three of the Week. 10/10

Three podcasts I wait for each week. I hope you will like… “Daytime Justice” – Sharon Houston talks to people in the strange world of daytime court shows. I worked in this genre for five years. There are a lot of great stories. Wait for the teeth episode. Also look for my interview.   “Filmweek” Read more about Three of the Week. 10/10[…]