The Oh, Hai Denny Interview


Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSSThe Denny from “The Room,” Philip Haldiman, interview. Philip went on a blind audition for a movie he thought no one would see and it ended up as the biggest cult movie of the 21st century. Philip talks about auditioning for “The Room,” acting in the movie and Read more about The Oh, Hai Denny Interview[…]

The “Real” Disaster Artist


Listen Here!All the secrets of the “The Room.”

The inside, inside story before seeing “The Disaster Artist.”

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Tommy Wiseau didn’t direct “The Room?” Sandy Schklair, played by


Seth Rogan in The Disaster Artist, claims  that when he was hired for this vanity project he was asked to “Tell the actors where to go and to call ‘action’ and ‘cut.” Sandy never thought the movie would be seen, by anyone.

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Faster than you can say “Springtime for Hitler,” “The Room” is an international hit and Tommy is taking all the credit. Sandy sits down with host


“Troll 2” actor George Hardy


Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSS“Troll 2” star George Hardy (the dad) talks to us about cheap sets, flubbing lines, stale pizza and his opinions on another cult classic, “The Room.” You’ll be surprised at his review. Plus, Sean Conroy (UCB) and Marilyn Ghigliotti (“Clerks”) & host Adam Spiegelman talk about the what Read more about “Troll 2” actor George Hardy[…]

“Alienator” on Horrible Movie Night


Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSS (Look below to see how to see it live!)Jan-Michael Vincent stars in “Alienator” a no budget “Terminator” rip off. J-MV sends a female body builder with a “Phantom Of the Opera” mask and a heavy metal freight wig to Earth to capture an escape space criminal.   Cheap Read more about “Alienator” on Horrible Movie Night[…]