“Miami Connection” Live! w/ Graham Elwood, Kathleen Wilhoite & Susanna Brisk

Graham Elwood (“Comedy Film Nerds”) & Susanna Brisk (“MILF Code”) proudly resent the cult classic, “Miami Connection.” They join me at the Hollywood Improv Lab for a live show for a very few (select) people.

The great Kathleen Wilhoite covers one of the terrible “songs” from “Miami Connection.” She also sings the song that she did in the movie “RoadHouse.” Yes, that “RoadHouse.” Hear Kathleen spill the beans on the onset drinking and drugging on a previous episode with Joel Stein. 

Back to this episode… Here’s a trailer for the film and part of the original song that Kathleen covers.


Listen to past live shows…

“A live Tribute to Troma”
With Christian Finnegan (Late Late Show) Mike C. Williams (Blair Witch Project) Asta Paredes & Catherine Corcoran (Return to Nuke’Em High) Robert Prichard (Class of Nuke Em High) and music from Ben Lerman.


With Eric Schaeffer, Frank Conniff (MST3K), Bryan Tucker (SNL head writer) and music from Rob Paravonian.

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“Samurai Cop” Star Tells All

Matt Hannon, thSamuraiStills8e star of the 1991 cult classic “Samurai Cop,” came over to my dining room area at my studio efficiency apartment for an in depth interview.

Listen here.

Find out some of the shooting secrets to some of the great scenes. Why was Matt wearing a woman’s wig in parts of the film? Was Matt dead? And for how long?

Matt opens up about his two real life felony convictions. Between shooting “Samurai Cop” and the eventual revival Matt went to prison twice. He’s open up to what happened.

What’s with the dialogue? And why did Matt break my dining room chair? Don’t lean back on a wooden chair, dude!

Matt also talks about being Sylvester Stallone’s body guard, and opens up about his life of crime.SamuraiStills5

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Thanks to Greg and Cinema Epoch.

Listen to our review of “Samurai Cop” from back in the day!

Matt talks about being jealous of Sylvester Stallone. Mat was Stallone’s body guard, but he dreamed of being the star. He finally got the chance by being in “Samurai Cop.”

No one ever thought“Samurai Cop” would see the light of day.. and  “Samurai Cop” almost didn’t. Matt tells us the unusual story of the movie’s discovery.

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Battleship Pretension – TV Adaptations (w/Paul Goebel)

Tyler Smith & David Bax of Battleship Pretension review “Dark Shadows” and are joined by comedian/actor/podcaster Paul Goebel (The Paul Goebel Show, Beat the Geeks) to discuss TV-to-film adaptations.

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Hear more of Paul Goebel on TV to films on our show!

Battleship Pretension – The Avengers & Superhero Movies (w/Paul Rust)

Tyler Smith & David Bax of Battleship Pretension review “The Avengers” and are joined by comedian & actor Paul Rust (I Love You Beth Cooper, Inglourious Basterds) to discuss superhero movies.

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Battleship Pretension Ultraviolent Movies

Battleship Pretension – The Raid Redemption & Ultraviolent Movies (w/Susan Burke)


Tyler Smith & David Bax of Battleship Pretension review “The Raid: Redemption” and are joined by writer/actor/comedian Susan Burke (“Smashed”) to discuss ultraviolent movies.

Battleship Pretension (w/Josh Fadem)

Battleship Pretension – Hunger Games & Killer Kids (w/Josh Fadem)
Tyler Smith & David Bax of Battleship Pretension review “The Hunger Games” and are joined by comedian & actor Josh Fadem (30 Rock, Eagle Heart) to discuss killer kids in movies.

**NOTE: During the discussion of Gus Van Sant’s “Elephant” Josh appears to say that the film “isn’t about anything.” This is a misleading edit. Josh was actually referring to Alan Clarke’s “Elephant,” not the Gus Van Sant film.***


“4:44” Movie Review

Battleship Pretension – 4:44 Last Day on Earth & End of the World movies (w/Pat Healy)
Tyler Smith & David Bax of Battleship Pretension review “4:44 Last Day on Earth” and are joined by actor Pat Healy (“The Innkeepers,” “Compliance”) to discuss end-of-the-world movies.


“Solarbabies” by Mel Brooks? W/ Christian Finnegan

Solarbabies was produced by Mel Brook’s film company. Comedian Christian Finnegan (“Best Week Ever”) joins us to talk about that classic 80’s post apocalyptic thriller… no not that one… the other one…no other other one…  “Solarbabies!”  Watch the movie here.

“Solarbabies” is film where orphans roller skate on sand and pray to a glowing bowling ball. (Well, when you put it that way, the movie sounds silly.) Lots of great actors got their start in “Solarbabies,” (James Legros, Luca Hass, Adrian Pasdar, Jamie Gertz, that guy from “Blow”  and a glowing bowling ball).  Also a couple of great actors finished there (A sleepwalking Charles Durning).

David Blaine – waitering secrets revealed. I talk about waiting tables in New Jersey with the future magician. He gave his secret for getting big tips…Lying.

Listen to the podcast to find out what famous comedian produced Solarbabies.

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Christian also talks about the myth of the “token white guy” and some of the great people he got to work with on “Are We There Yet?”

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