Gary Busey Plays a Dog w/ @Adamfelber and @Sullybaseball


Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSSWriter/director Paul Sullivan, NPR’s Adam Felber (“Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”) & I recap “Quigley.” You know the movie where Gary Busey plays a mean computer game business type guy who is turned into a dog. As a dog, Gary  learns about life, flimsy sets, terrible special effect, non-comedic timing and how Read more about Gary Busey Plays a Dog w/ @Adamfelber and @Sullybaseball[…]

Our Next Film: Busey is “Quiggly”

This week we review the religious, dead-guy-turns-to-dog movie starring Gary Busey. Busey is in full Busey form. Here’s his creepy interview he did for the movie. It makes little sense, but it has cheesy music behind it.   Wednesday the podcast episode will drop with out review/recap of this classic dead-guy-turns-to-dog movie starring Gary Busey Read more about Our Next Film: Busey is “Quiggly”[…]