Michael Keaton is “Jack Frost” w/ Bret Berg

Michael Keaton, before he wreview180-jackfrost1998-panel2as “The Founder,” he was “Jack Frost.” We talk to one of the writers of the film and review the movie!
Welcome to Proudly Resents. The cult movie podcast. The best movies you didn’t know you wanted to see. Today we deep into the Michael Keaton movie Jack Frost. Keaton plays a neglectful dad that dies and comes back as a snowman to make it up to his son. I feel like, that’s it. What else is there. Shows’s over. Play the end credits… NO, no no!

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@Adam Felber & .@RealJeffCesario talk #theoscars

Just when you thought there was nothing else to say about the Oscars, Jeff, as Chet Waterhouse, proves you right. Chet is the the co-host of the popular sports radio show “Chet & the Psycho Killer” (He wanted you to know he’s Chet.)Chet Waterhouse talks Oscars from a sports point of view.  Chet looks and sounds like comedian Jeff Cesario from “Larry Sanders Show,” “Brand X” and “Jack Frost.”

Chet with Adam Felber
Sports Movies
Writer from the Oscars Tells (Almost) All
Chet and the Psycho Killer

Chet on Sports movies


Jeff Cesario hosts the worst sports talk show. I was a guest.

Back by popular demand! Jeff Cesario and Adam Felber’s show, “Chet and the Psycho Killer.” It’s a sports show and I know nothing about sports. Ok, the show hasn’t aired anywhere, Jeff wants to do a show with his very funny sports character and we recorded a couple of shows. Check it out, it’s very funny.

Thanks to Chris Gore, Jeff, Adam and Don the accountant.