Jerry Lewis is “Hardly Working”


HARDLY WORKING, Jerry Lewis, 1980, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp

Sorry France, this Jerry Lewis clunker is le marde. My big Bro Mike Spiegelman and I review the film our mom would not let us see when it came out in the theater.

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A couple of things I forgot:
If this is supposed to be for kids, why is Jerry Lewis at a strip club? Is it for kids who like a good scotch and can take a punch?


“New Year’s Eve” Resolves to be Better


New Year’s Eve ft. Robert De Niro, Halle Berry, Ashton Kutcher and other huge stars, that owed the late great director Garry Marshal a favor, make extended cameos in this big screen “Love Boat.” Mike Spiegelman (my big bro) and I take down “New Year’s Eve,” the semi-sequel to “Valentine’s Day” (or pre-quel if you go by the calendar).

“New Year’s Eve” earned five Razzie Award nominations: Worst Picture, Worst Director (Garry Marshall), Worst Actress (Sarah Jessica Parker), Worst Screenplay and Worst Screen Ensemble,[15] losing all to Adam Sandler‘s Jack and Jill.

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Watch: Gymkata!

Watch our next film “Gymkata” here for free! (Listen to our review ) It’s a Karate – Gymnastic action film. It’s like “Hunger Games” without the budget or interest. This movie was suggested by Glen Weldon from NPR and “Pop Culture Happy Hour.” He didn’t tell me directly about it, but brought it up on Read more about Watch: Gymkata![…]

Steve Agee & Todd Levin on “R.O.T.O.R.”


Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSS Steve Agee (“Guardians of the Galaxy 2”) and “Conan” writer Todd Levin are on to talk about the Robocop rip off “R.O.T.O.R.” Hear about: pointless plots, bottomless gaffs, a  ‘roided out Tyne Daly with a gray mohawk, white guys in red face and Woody Allen robots. Plus Steve Read more about Steve Agee & Todd Levin on “R.O.T.O.R.”[…]

Vampire Private Eye Film

Tim Sudano Vampire/private eye film – “2nd Chance” is reviewed by Adam and Joe. The movie has added sound, narration for no reason and a confusing plot. But the awkward writing really makes this a must-see.
Can a San Fran filmmaker take on Hollywood with a video camera he borrowed from one of the actors? No, not this guy at least.
I found him when Tim Sudano went on a local podcast and said that Hollywood doesn’t do anything original…then he talked about his vampire film. The reviewer went nuts.
Here’s the link to the podcast (12 minutes in the host calls him out).
This is my first podcast yo! yikes!