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Do movies translate to TV?

Do movies translate to TV?

The King of TV (Paul Goebel) and the VP of Schlock (Adam Spiegelman) talk about movies that became TV shows, great cult shows and other TV related business. I don’t know what else to say. Paul is a great guy and this is a fun episode. Enjoy!

“Traxx” and “Star Wars Live!”

“Traxx” and “Star Wars Live!”

Is announcer Shadoe Stevens the new Rambo? Would George Lucas let a 50 seat theater do a live version of “Star Wars?” First we talk about  “Traxx” the comedy/action film that’s on the top of our all time best/worst. Stevens plays a mercenary who just wants to make cookies. Then we talk to director of “Star Wars Live” an authorized stage version of the movie that started it all.

Comedian Mike Spiegelman and The Dark Room co-founder Jim Fourniadis join Adam Spiegelman from The Dark Room in San Francisco.

Bonus – Special Announcer – Eddie Pepitone from “The Long Shot” podcast. In a rare non-Fake Gallery appearance!

Listen  on   itunes or Zune or click the player at the bottom of the post. look on the tool bar for trailers and scenes. Press “like” if you like.

“The Room” The Review

“The Room” is best of the bad, the movie that makes you feel warm inside is finally being reviewed.  This is a must see and a must be heard. The hosts of the podcast, writer Noam Dromi and actor Brad Rowe join us in a sea of crap and crying. Plus Brad tells us which Hollywood tough guy broke his ribs in a scene. Find out! Tommy Wiseau is waiting!

Don’t forget, “The Room, the Video Game.”

To listen go to iTunes or press “play” on the player at the top of the post. Click “like” if you like it.

“Rock N’ Roll Nightmare”

John “Mikl” Thor 80’s rock icon stars in a cheapy horror movie with penis puppets, bad special effects and tons of unexpected laughs. It’s Heavy Metal meets a broke Scooby Doo.

Actor/comedian Joe Mortimer joins Adam Spiegelman (Proudly Resents) to take you behind the scenes of this cult classic. Finish this podcast an maybe you too can rock with the devil (or whatever the monster is, it’s never clear).

AINTEVERYTHINGCOOL.YES is back with @Adam Felber & @andresdubouchet

AINTEVERYTHINGCOOL.YES is back with @Adam Felber & @andresdubouchet

Andres duBouchet & Adam Felber are back reviewing the latest films, kicking butts and taking names. These two are not afraid to tell it like it is and take on big Hollywood. Read their reviews at AINTEVERYTHINGCOOL.YES.

Hear their first appearance on Proudly Resents.

When they are not slamming the latest blockbuster, Andres and Adam are writing for Conan and Maher respectively.

Start the Presses!

Start the Presses!

Recently the show has been mentioned in three different news outlets. Very exciting. It’s all about getting the word out. Most of the real work is editing and trying to find new listeners.

If you have a blog, twitter account, billboard, ham radio, flea market, etc. and you can get the word out. Post an episode you like or mention the show. Please do. Tell somebody!

Thanks to everyone who wrote and y’all who listen.

(Coming soon…The Room)

Meanwhile, enjoys these great people who have taste.

Eat More Truth gave me a sentence. I’ll take it! thanks guys! in good company.

David Moye’s Article about “Troll 2.” He needed an expert, I was good enough.

Susie Felber (Adam’s sister) has always been a great supporter. Here she is hooking us up again.

What Sucks Blog listed us as something that did not…or at least I hope he did.

Samurai Cop -Protection in a Wig

Samurai Cop -Protection in a Wig

This 80’s “Lethal Weapon” rip off is a generous giver of gaffs, goofs and  gapes. Bad editing, no continuity, bad dialogue and a Samurai Cop who is neither a cop or a samurai is proudly resented in this episode. This is the movie with the famous fickle horny nurse scene and the great actor Robert Z’Dar.

Actor Russell Steinberg, Luke Stepleton (Machinima) and Eric Nyenhuis  join host Adam Spiegelman.

Plus: What is Machinima? Luke explains the future of media to the other three old guys. AKA “How to Make it big on the Youtubes.”

Update: Listen to the interview with the star of the movie: Matt Hannon.

Dane Cook’s “Good Luck Chuck” With @AdamFelber

Dane Cook’s “Good Luck Chuck” With @AdamFelber

Take the #1 comedian, a super hot actress, every movie cliche, fat jokes, ball biting penguins and then over-cooked (no pun intended).  Adam Felber (NPR) and actress Judith Benezra  join host Adam Spiegelman finding the unintentional funniest scenes.

This film is about sex, so there’s frank talk about sex. Basically, if you are a teenager, hide this from your parents. If you are a parent and you are driving with the kids in the car with this on, turn it off. It’s about to get real awkward, real quick.

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