Month: December 2011

  • What are they selling?

    Catholic TV has an app. Here’s their ad.

  • .@dankois Talks Razzies. Nicko Visits. Download | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | RSSFormer writer obsessed with the Razzies  & Nicko returns to insult – on this special show. Since he was a small child, […]

  • Three of the Week Makes the News!

    Every Monday we have three new suggestions for podcasts.This week, my brother, Mike Spiegelman brings up three news podcasts. Check them out.  Check out past posts. 60 Minutes – Tick, […]

  • The Dark Knight Rises OFFICIAL Trailer

    The Dark Knight Rises OFFICIAL Trailer #2 JUST RELEASED!

  • Steven Seagal Chews Up Scenery and Pizza Download | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | RSS Steven Seagal is “The Glimmer Man.” Keenen Ivory Wayans is the poor guy stuck as his partner. Emmy winner Chris Regan (“Shatner […]

  • “The Glimmer Man” Trailer: Next Film

    We review “The Glimmer Man” tomorrow’s on Proudly Resents. Here’s the trailer. You’ve been warned.

  • Seagal V. Samurai Cop

    That’s the movie I want to see. But for now we will have to settle for a comparison of the standard “Threatening the big boss in a restaurant” scene. One […]

  • Three of the Week – 12/12/11

    Every week we have three new suggestions for podcasts. Check them out. See if what I care? My Wife Hates Me One of my favorite comedians has a podcast! Rich […]

  • New “Dream Tweet” – King of TV

    It’s the latest episode of the twitter game show podcast “Dream Tweet.”

  • The Three Stooges Trailer

    Yes, they remade “The Three Stooges.” Why? because they wanted to slip up men and women more? Make a terrible date movie? I guess it makes sense. All kids movies […]