Tosh Torches Tiptoes!

Daniel Tosh talks about the movie classic “Tiptoes.” Even the Tosh knows a good bad movie when he’s force to see it.


If you’d rather listen to a review then watch it, we got it! Big shot TV writers Adam Felber (Real Time with Bill Maher) and Todd Levin (Conan) joins me talk about the little person show.Garry Oldman is wearing shoes on his knees to play a little person! Like “Dorf on Golf.” Need we say more? Ok, lets.. EMMY nominated writers Adam Felber and Todd Levin join non-nominated Adam Spiegelman to talk about “Tipoes,” Gary Oldman’s big career misstep, what jobs are recession proof, why Peter Dinklage is a jerk and the all white “What’s Happening.”