Everything About The Room Movie


The Room movie has been an obsession of mine since I started seeing his Billboards on Sunset in 2004! I love that so many people are finding out about this magical film.

Below are some shows and interviews and general fan stuff about this movie!

Listen and Read about the people behind the real “Disaster Artist!” Interviews, reviews, and videos about Tommy Wiseau and “The Room!”


Tommy Wiseau!

I finally get to talk to the man himself. But it’s to¬†promote this terrible webshow. Tommy¬†(played by James Franco in The Disaster Artist) is all over the place. It’s great to hear him try to only talk about this crap show. Fun to hear his craziness.

“Denny” – Philip Haldiman

The man who played the strange boy Denny comes one and says “hai.” Interview with a guy with a comic to promote. (Played by¬†Josh Hutcherson¬†in The Disaster Artist.)

The man who claims he directed “The Room.”

This is one of the first interviews with the Sandy (played by Seth Rogen in The Disaster Artist). He tells me everything. From soup to nuts. Great insight on the movie.

The Director of “Room Full of Spoons” the Room doc – Rick Harper

I talk to the man who made the great unreleased doc, “Room Full of Spoons.” A movie about The Room that Tommy tried to block several times.

Here’s a review I did with Mike White (The Projection Booth) of “Room Full of Spoons.”¬†Review of “Room Full of Spoons”


“The Room” video game!

Play this 8-bit masterpiece!

The man who writes “The Room” fan fiction & his version of the pre-quel.

A print interview with a strange and talented fanatical fan.

Two newcomers give their reaction to “The Room.”

Cast of the Movie “The Disaster Artist” from Wikipedia…



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