10 Things I learned about Batman from watching “Gotham”


I just watched a sneak preview of Fox’s “Gotham.” It takes place while Bruce Wayne was just a

kid. Here’s a lot of background I learned about the characters’ history.

  1. While The Penguin always liked to eat fish, he never like anchovy pizza.
  2. Cat Woman was more of a dog person.
  3. Alfred was into Cosplay.
  4. The Joker was in a UCB harold called “The Fish Mooneys.”
  5. Robin’s future parents met on Grinder.
  6. The Riddler amassed 6 NPR Weekend Edition lapel pins by the age of 25. Two of which he earned.
  7. ‘The Usher,’ was going to be a super villain, until he found God and became a Promise Keeper.
  8. Bruce Wayne still has a VHS copy of Kevin Smith’s “Jersey Girl” that he took out from the Gotham City Blockbuster.
  9. Gotham City’s slogan is “Still less crime than New York and more sun than Seattle.”
  10. Poison Ivy thought it was spelled “Bat-man” for the longest time.