Three of the Week 11/14

Every Monday, I give three new podcasts suggestions to try out.


Dream Tweet! Very funny game show where you have to guess the celebrity based on the tweets. We have a lot of great guests lined up for future episodes. The first show has Christian Finnegan vs. MTV’s Damien Fahey. Upcoming guests include writers from Conan, Bill Maher and the Daily Show. Plus people from your favorite podcasts compete for glory and $5!

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Brittany and Meredith Live! Two funny women getting drunk (are drunk?) and giving ridiculous advice. This show is fun to listen to (I haven’t caught the live feed yet) because Meredith and __ are so much fun. The show is addicting. They make me laugh and when they don’t, they make me smile.

Episode 6 is a best of show. Let that help you catch up.


Son of a Pitch – I don’t usually watch video podcasts, but this one is great. Two guys pitch ridiculous movie ideas to different movie execs. They then show a funny and super low-budget version of the pitch. These movie ideas are hilariously awful. The only unrealistic thing about this show is that the execs always say no. Come on, I know this is a scripted show, but somewhere there’s an exec who is watching the show for real ideas. Case in point, their funny take off on a Jaws sequel was rejected by a studio exec because sharks can’t live in a lake. This summer there was  a movie about sharks in a lake and the teenagers who kept going in. So take that guys who are trying to make fun of bad movies – you can’t out crap Hollywood!

UPDATE: The show’s creator emailed me with great news about SOP.

From Andy:

As of this week, Son of a Pitch will become the world’s first 3Dcomedy TV show!… I made a 30 minute version of Bear Force One, submitted it to a bunch of film festivals, and it’s actually won four of them! Its on youtube if you want to check it out. But the 3D son of a pitch episodes should begin airing on Direct TV’s 3Net sometime this week. Totally new, very cool!