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The Worst Movies of The Decade

What were the worst movies of the 2010’s? Oh, we’re going to tell you. Comedian Mike Spiegelman (my bro) is burning to read his list – so I let the guy burn! What do you think is the worst movie of the last ten years? There are lots to choose from. CLick here to


Hear Mike and I review Adam Sandler’s The Cobler Hear Jimmy Pardo, Todd Levin, Sharon Houston and I review of Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

“Loqueesha” with Damona Hoffman

“Loqueesha” is about a white man who pretends to be a black woman to land a radio advice show job. Lots of people attacked “Loqueesha” when its trailer came out. Some defended it. And Amazon Prime decided to put it on its streaming platform next to “Fleabag” and “Patriot.” It’s a mystery that even Bosch couldn’t solve (slowly).

I asked Damona Hoffman, a real African American woman who dispenses wisdom on her popular podcast, “Dates & Mates” to help dismantle this movie.

“Gotti” Film Forgetaboutit, seriously

“Gotti” Film Forgetaboutit, seriously

Is "Gotti" the worst movie John Travolta ever made? Adam and Susie Felber join me to discuss this mess of a movie.

Adam Felber (Nobody Listens to Paula), Susie Felber and I review John Travolta’s bomb, “Gotti” film.

Here’s a great article from Deadline about Gotti’s fate as a movie:

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“Mr. Saturday Night” w/ @AdamFelber

Billy Crystal, co-wrote, directed, starred and conducted his own Oscar campaign for this movie “Mr. Saturday Night.” It’s about a comedian who steals everyone’s Jackie’s jokes and ends up wearing really bad make up that’s supposed to make you look old.

Adam Felber (Wait… Wait… Don’t Tell Me and an alleged podcast with Paula Poundstone) and I dig deep into our love for Billy Crystal and why this film didn’t work for us.

Below are photos from “Mr. Saturday Night.”
Given his success in the early days of television, you’d 

think that Buddy Young Jr. (Billy Crystal) would be coasting happily into retirement alongside his wife, Elaine (Julie Warner). Instead, Buddy is an acerbic blowhard who alienates his brother, Stan (David Paymer), and everyone else who fails to bow to his bullying. His agent, Annie Wells (Helen Hunt), has positioned elderly Buddy for a big movie role, but his irreverence might come back to bite him one last time.

Jump to Awards · Paymer was nominated in 1992 for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance. At the Golden Globe Awards, Paymer was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture and Crystal was nominated for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.

Box office: $13.3 million

Release date: September 23, 1992

Budget: $43 million

Starring: Billy Crystal; David PaymerJulie WarnerHelen HuntRon Silver

From Broadway World:
Crystal reveals that he is currently at work writing a stage musical adaptation of his 1992 film MR. SATURDAY NIGHT. “We’re making it a musical for the Nederlanders, who loved the movie. [They] came to us and said this could be a musical…We’ve written the first draft [and] had a reading the other day.” He continues, “It totally has the spirit of the film and it could be really exciting.”

One Minute of Rocky at a Time

Usually, we review an entire movie. But recently I got to be a guest on “Rocky Minute” The daily podcast in which hosts Doug Greenberg and Jason Hanes knockout the Rocky films one minute at a time. Apparently, Dueling Genre is a whole network of shows that are just people analyzing a movie 60 seconds at a clip.

Thanks to past guest and FOH (friend of the host), Paul Sullivan, I got to be on three days in a row. I had a good time. All three episodes are a fun listen. Here are one or two episodes that I was on. Not sure how many I’ll post. But please check them out and take a listen.

Here’s a review of “Rocky IV” I did on this show with Adam Felber and Rico Gagliano. 

Doug Greenberg and Jason Hanes


“The Room’s” Carolyn Minnott Interview (Lisa’s mom)

“The Room’s” Carolyn Minnott Interview (Lisa’s mom)

Carolyn Minnott played the mom in “The Room,” you know the one who drops the bomb that she has cancer, but it never comes up again? Carolyn gives her side of the story and dishes the dirt about being in the worst movie ever made. Hear more interviews below.
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Dan Janjigian talks “The Room” & Chris-R

Dan Janjigian didn't just play Chris-R in “The Room” he's an Olympic athlete, reality star and he was played by heartthrob Zach Efron in the Oscar-nominated film "The Disaster Artist.' But his teenage daughter is still not impressed. Listen to the interview.

Dan Janjigian didn’t just play Chris-R in “The Room” he’s an Olympic athlete, reality star and he was played by heart throb Zach Efron in the Oscar-nominated film “The Disaster Artist.’ But his teenage daughter is still not impressed. Listen to the interview.

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Robyn Paris From “The Room” Tells All

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“The Disaster Artist” The Real Sandy Schklair


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“Samurai Cop” Matt Hannon: The Next Tommy Wiseau?

Matt Hannon went from being Sylvester Stallone’s bodyguard to movie star in just 27 years.

In 2004, a film canister containing an unreleased 1991 movie was discovered in storage. The buddy film “Samurai Cop” was plagued with terrible dialogue, bad acting, and questionable continuity. Scenes from the movie went viral which was followed by sold-out midnight screenings across the nation.

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