Three of the Week Makes the News!

Every Monday we have three new suggestions for podcasts.This week, my brother, Mike Spiegelman brings up three news podcasts. Check them out.  Check out past posts.

60 Minutes – Tick, tick, tick. The classic television newsmagazine sounds better as a podcast. I get listless watching talking heads on TV, anyway, especially when there’s American Dad reruns to watch at 7:30pm on a Sunday. Recent highlights on 60 Minutes include segments on San Francisco’s Market Street, homeless Florida kids, and an interview with President Obama.

Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 – There’s two rotating radio shows under this podcast banner. The Now Show may steer you away with cringe-worthy impersonations and political songs, but hang on towards the end when British comedians editorialize lengthy rants. The other show is the superior News Quiz, hosted by an unflappable Sandi Toksvig, where British radio celebrities must describe a topical event based on an oblique hint.


It’s All Politics – Two NPR wonks wonk out over the week’s political news, with jokes and puns that would make Click and Clack slit their wrists. This wonks are informed, though. They know a lot of American politics trivia, insane considering they could use that part of their brain to store bad movie trivia instead.