Three of the Week SF Style

Charles ( is a SF comedy expert. He has three local shows to check out while you on the trolley, getting hit by a white guy’s dreads or getting a Prince Albert.

Thanks Charles!


Hey Adam and Proudly Resenters,
Here are the descriptions for three SF based comedy podcasts. Hope you enjoy it, thanks for the opportunity, and have a great day.

Boars, Gore and Swords

“Boars, Gore and Swords” recaps the recent television adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones”, hosted by Red Scott and Ivan Hernandez. The two avoid traditional devotee nerdgasm, trading fidelity for jokes. Every breast, bitch-slap and beheading are discussed in lovingly hilarious detail in this raunchy, juvenile, audio romp.

In the (Fro)Zone w/ Jesse McGrath and Wilder

In a foodie town like San Francisco, the frozen food aisle is a confusing place; even more confusing when filled with reinterpretations of menu items from popular chain restaurants. Are you eating out, while eating in or eating in, while eating out? Burgeoning comedians, Jesse McGrath and Wilder Shaw, give real-time, tip-of-the-tongues reviews of the faux-posh, cryogenic cuisine. Results are varied, yet rapport is strong.

The Sal and Angelo Podcast

This podcast is the eponymous adventures of Sal Calanni and Angelo Lorenzetti. Loud, proud, and Italian: the show chronicles the trials and rants of men born in the wrong age, living on the wrong coast. Great guests, great stories, and with a keen eye on the clock, great times.

Charles O.J. Patterson

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