Three of the Week 11/21

Each week we have three suggestions of podcasts. Try them out. Give them a spin.

The Dork Forrest – The very funny Jackie Kashian talks to people about their obsessions. What you quickly learn is that she becomes just as obsessed with the subject as her guest. She also has a killer theme song.



PF’s Tape Recorder. Comedian PF Wilson returns to his childhood and does a show he would’ve done on his tape recorder. Hence the name. It’s set up like a talk show. News jokes, a bit, a big interview, maybe another interview and a band. Unfortunately it’s not recorded on a tape recorder.


The Gentleman’s Club – It’s Caleb Bacon’s mix of interviews with comedians and/or porn stars. What’s constant? Caleb. Very funny and found some funny moments. Listen to porn stars talk. The show will save you lots of $20 bills in conversations.


This week “Proudly Resents” takes a break for the holidays/letting my throat heal. I got my tonsils out. There must be an easier way to get ice cream.Check out older episodes and the new hit podcast “Dream Tweet” the game show to go.