“Birdemic 2” Trailer

moore-birdemic-2Here’s the trailer to the sequel to classic “Birdemic.” The new movie looks like a tongue in cheek take on original.  Someone told the director, James Nguyen,  he was funny. Big mistake. Now Nguyen is  trying to be funny. But he’s tried to be Hitchcock for a few films, now he’s trying be Tarantino. Hopefully Nguyen will do as good a job as Tarantino as he did being Hithcock.

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Here’s the description from IMDB: “A platoon of eagles and vultures attack Hollywood, California. Why did the eagles and vultures attack? Who will survive?”

Listen to MST3K’s Kevin Murphy talk about riffing on “Birdemic,” the origin of Tom Servo and what he thinks of TV’s Frank (Spoiler: He likes him)

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