3 Must See Cult Films (According to Todd)

vampires-kiss-5003 Must-See Films, Nic Cage rage and Killer Rats.What are Todd’s three must see movies before you die? How do you react when your former boss says “Vampire’s Kiss” is the best film ever? Ouch, that was awkward. His other choices sound good though.

We then talk about the Oscars. Todd thinks Lego Movie got snubbed, I wail about David Oyelowo’s while I butcher his name.

It’s some fun conversation with Todd that didn’t quite fit the last episode. Check out my interview with Todd from the last episode.

Editor’s Note: There’s some great Oscar talk. Ok, not great, but I’m watching “L&O:SVU” while I write this. These people are creepy. It’s the one with the male gamers attack a female gamer. So this gamer girl is beat up. the cop asks, “What did they do?” The victim responds, “They leveled up.”

Ice-T is an expert on gaming. So he’s knows all the lingo.  He wearing a hoody to work. I wonder if he skateboards to work. You have to listen to Ice-T’s podcast. THe one with Kool Keith is great.

When they arrested the gamers Ice-t said, “There’s no reset button.” This show still gots it!

Enjoy the show.