• Coming Attraction: R.O.T.O.R.

    Next week Steve Agee (Sarah Silverman Program) and Todd Levin (Conan) and Adam Spiegelman (“Proudly Resents”) will talk about the great 80’s fail “R.O.T.O.R.” Get a head start by watching […]

  • Listener Suggestion: “Teenage Space Vampires”

    Aaron Moyer  suggested the 1999 classic from Full Moon – a studio of record (Broken, scratched and in the bargain bin) With no full ado, ok a bit more ado…ado…adoo […]

  • Mustn’t see TV

    I found this on Youtube. I don’t know if it went to series. Let’s hope it goes.

  • Start the Presses!

    Recently the show has been mentioned in three different news outlets. Very exciting. It’s all about getting the word out. Most of the real work is editing and trying to […]

  • Jeff Zucker Quits out of Frustration

    “What did I have to do to get fired?” Jeff Zucker asked in a letter to the chairmen at NBC. Turns out Zucker’s plan for years was to do such a bad job NBC […]

  • Game on! the 80′s are back!

    I got mass email from a friend who found himself on the floor of a video game convention. All the games are from the 80’s. My friend wanted to know […]

  • My Recording Studio

    This where I record all in my intros or outros. “Podcasting for Dummies” gave me the idea. I think this is how they recorded some Motown hits.

  • Roger Ebert’s Return to TV

    Roger Ebert is bringing film reviews and wagging thumbs back to TV. He and his wife are starting their own review show. Two other people are reviewing then there’s two […]

  • Battlefield Earth Screen writers push the blame

    KCRW’s show “The Business” interviews, separately, the two men who wrote one of the worst movies ever, “Battlefield Earth.” They both claim they wrote a good script that was mysteriously […]