Jimmy Dore & Stef get “Ghost Fever”

Jimmy Dore & Stefane Zamorano are forced to watch Sherman Hemsley’s horror/comedy/kids’ film with cursing, “Ghost Fever.” Our first Alan Smithee film!  It’s a family friendly film about two cops and racist ghosts and monsters and other random stuff. It’s a family film, for the Manson family! BOOM! Seriously, this is a classic good/bad film. I personally love it, but Jimmy and Stef are pissed  they had to watch.

This is the second time that I tried to review this film. Once with my bros Mike Spiegelman and Joey Lapenna. Joey f’ed up the ending by leaving his Iphone on and f’ed up the radio waves. If you want to hear it, let me know. The lost tape!

Next week is a holiday, so I’m going to take the week off. It’s our birthday, not yours, Nicko!