If you love buzz words

Cynopsis.com has a casting call that asks for talent who also have computers with cameras to shoot themselves. Is this the future?  “Reliable reporter, must know the UN and own a Flip Cam.” “This is Jane Smith reporting with a borrowed camera. Back to you. Seriously, take it back.”

Also, I don’t know what the show is exactly, but I know it has a lot of buzz words. Did someone run into a room blurt out a bunch of words and die before explaining what the show was?

Casting Call: Social video platform, Spreecast is looking for bloggers, on-air personalities, journalists, writers or otherwise opinionated people who want to voice their views and engage with an audience.  Spreecast is part YouTube, part Skype with some Twitter and through broadcast, it brings people together in real time.  Spreecast is looking for hosts who have a working computer, webcam and a decent internet connection to be able to engage and interact with people online.  For more information, please send an email to: hosts1@spreecast.com.