Jaws 4, Nicko 0

Nicko & Adam review “Jaws the Revenge.” It’s a story of a shark who is out to kill the family that killed his dear old dad. It’s like “Kill Bill,” but with sunscreen and terrible Jamaican accents. Oh and it’s a shark, not a person.  Michael Caine phones it in, Mario Van Peebles forgets what movie he’s in and there’s a fair amount of terrible kid acting. 


Hear about Nicko’s voyage to NYC! Her love affair with a random cab driver. Why did she fall asleep with French toast on her face? Another visit from Luggage Tuesdays! Write us at Proudpod@gmail.com.


2 comments on “Jaws 4, Nicko 0

  1. Yossele says:

    Oy a broich, have you met my mother-in-law?
    She turned the part of the shark in this film Jews 4.

  2. Emma says:

    You both sound wasted!

    Nice mix of sillyness and film stuff, I learned something new about Jaws.

    I could really go some French toast now.

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