Nicko enjoys”Aerobi Cide” AKA “Killer Workout”

“Listen to the podcast on the player thingy, or I’ll shoot!”

We  talk about “Aerobi Cide” AKA “Killer Workout.” A movie so nice they named it twice. The killer in this film uses a safety-pin… I’m sorry, a giant novelty store, baby Huey sized safety-pin. The movie also offers lots of bad dialogue and tons of 80’s aerobic outfits. You can watch the movie uncensored right here, below! Watch it, tell us what you think.Listen to the podcast!

From Two years ago, a young woman named Valerie was burned after entering a tanning salon. Now, her twin sister, Rhonda runs a local gym where all of a sudden, people are being murdered.

The director found it very hard working with the director of photography because “He had no respect at all for me and fought me all the way on every single thing we shot.” (646) 481-5476

Watch the full movie for free after the jump:

Below, my semi professional notes. You can follow them along while you watch the movie.
Killer work out
comes home checks messages
got modeling job. shows tits.
tanning bed catches on fire
fried in tanning bed
can I get the at modeling job
it looked like bad machinerity not a killer
if this show is to you wanything is where to find boobs. lots and lots of 8-’s boobs.
i still think like a 13 yr olf from the 80’s

aerobic class more like a breast exame
mymom idd aeroic.
hillbillie on the excise bike.
in high heels

jimmy harassing the late girl. yoga mats.
music is louder than the workds.

black woman in shower. stabs her once. down. stopped moving. then stabs her 5 more times and she’s jumping.

safety pin.

opens locker to find arm. why are their pranksters.
Detective – no shield, just a guy saying, hey, detective!

music – terrible
jimmy is some kind of man-whore.

why is the cop harassing that kid?

why did the cop come to the horny girl’s house. she’s blanche bubqoa

why wouldn’t you say you were the police. pounding on the door.
quieditter whacka mole.
kids with spray cans.
why are they still going there? It says killer spa right on the window.

tommy or jimmy? Why is she showing her breasts?

why are they fucking
wait what?
wearing a swimming cap while sitting in the pool
endless fight sign. you think it will end with the rake in the leg, but he pulls it out.
stew on family guy. when will it ens.

when you leave a place in fear of your life you don’t go for your socks fires. when will they close this gym.