“Munchie” w/ MST3K”S Frank Conniff & Mark Malkoff

Comedians Mark Malkoff and Frank Conniff (MST3K) join me to review “Munchie.” ‘s first film and one of ‘s last. Bad puppets, old one liners, the hot foot and  – this film has it all… without the quality.

We discuss this terrible film, classic failed NBC shows, my time with a comedy legend and all of Frank’s plugs.

Listen to Frank talk about “Valley of the Dolls” and “Birdemic.”

Here’s a user review from IMBD:

While the film Munchie is on it’s surface a below average prac

tical effects driven family comedy and allegory for acceptance and an interesting dissertation on the esoteric. Trying to stab at this moving target with one pithy summation is difficult, but as a reviewer, it is my duty. Essentially the bizarre and repulsive “Munchie” shows us the true meaning of ‘monstrous.’ Rather than recognize his freakishness and retreat in to some dark faery land of seclusion, Munchie parades himself about, attempting to use a thin layer of humor as a social lubricant. More grotesquely still, Munchie seeks the company of children.rcoming the challenges of puberty, below one veil lies a heart of darkness.

How sinister this practice is lies in the viewpoint of the err… viewer. My personal take, is that highlighting how ‘ugly’ society is using his own ugliness is Munchie’s attempt at destroying the juvenile leads’ innocence. This psychic affront disturbs me more than any banal, physical transgressions that are / were to occur, being that we are all blinded gray whales crashing about in the pitch seas of the cosmos.

Munchie really likes pizza. 😉