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Chris Gore, Jenna Busch & R2D2 – “Heartbeeps” Live!

L-R Josh Comers, Jenna Busch, Adam Spiegelman, Chris Gore, Tommy Bechtold and Brent Weinbach.

We talk Andy Kaufman’s Heartbeeps with Chris GoreJenna Busch, Conan/Tonight show writer Josh Comers, comedian Brent Weinbach and R2-D2 (Tommy Bechtold) to talk robot love. Plus Tony Clifton tells racist jokes! Heartbeeps

In August Chris Gore asked if I wanted to do a live show where his show “Podcrash” crashes my live show of “Proudly Resents.” Of course I said yes, but I had not idea what I was getting myself into. Listen to the show and behind the scenes stuff on today’s episode.

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Tony Clifton – Unzipped

Tony Clifton – Unzipped

That’s Tony in white. I’m in black.


Andy Kaufman’s alter ego/favorite singer is and always will be Tony Clifton. Tony and Andy performed together and separately.

Tony tells all about Kaufman.

We’re backstage with Tony and his showgirls getting the inside scoop on Kaufman’s obsessions, is Andy dead, the sneaky way Jim Carey got the role in “Man on the Moon,” how Judd Apatow is involved and most importantly, THE DOCUMENTARY JIM CAREY DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE.


Next week, Keith and the Girl come by for a little “Drop Dead Fred” action!

At the end of the show, there’s a bonus!