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Every years about 15 people cram into a mancave and watch sci-fi films for 24 hours straight. I brought my microphone and documented the whole thing. Did I survive? Well, yes.

For the past 12 (coming on 13) years, Jeffy & Jackie have been hosting a 24 hour sci-fi fest in their home.  It’s called “BiTFest” (Boston is too far). From noon to noon, a group of friends stay captive in the video room/converted garage to watch science fiction films. I’ve gone for the past 5 or 6 years. I think. Last year I recorded the event. Get an inside look! or and inside listen.
Coming up, hear the full post fest trivia game and an interview with the man who puts on the festival in his place every year, Jeffy Branion.
Original audience member John Santry tell the  back story after the jump…

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