“Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith” w/ MST3K”S Frank Conniff &  Chris Czynszak PODCRAWL!

Frank Conniff (MST3K) & Eric Szyszka (“We Hate Movies”) join Adam Spiegelman (“Proudly Resents”) join the podcrawl with the third Star Wars prequel. Listen for the action, the humor and the completion!

What is “Podcrawl?” It’s three bad movie podcasts reviewing the three crappy Star Wars prequels in order. Read it and Weep did “Star Wars 1: Getting ready for Disappointment.” The Flop House did “Star Wars 2: Fool me Once…” Now we’re doing “Star Wars 3: Third Time’s  a Charm.” 

With special appearances from Rob Parvonian, Janine Britto and Keith Malley.

Listen to the director of “Star Wars Live!” 

Just booked on our live show; Troma founder, Lloyd Kaufman!