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Tony Clifton – Unzipped

Tony Clifton – Unzipped

That’s Tony in white. I’m in black.


Andy Kaufman’s alter ego/favorite singer is and always will be Tony Clifton. Tony and Andy performed together and separately.

Tony tells all about Kaufman.

We’re backstage with Tony and his showgirls getting the inside scoop on Kaufman’s obsessions, is Andy dead, the sneaky way Jim Carey got the role in “Man on the Moon,” how Judd Apatow is involved and most importantly, THE DOCUMENTARY JIM CAREY DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE.


Next week, Keith and the Girl come by for a little “Drop Dead Fred” action!

At the end of the show, there’s a bonus!

Steven Seagal Chews Up Scenery and Pizza

Steven Seagal Chews Up Scenery and Pizza

Steven Seagal is “The Glimmer Man.” Keenen Ivory Wayans is the poor guy stuck as his partner. Emmy winner Chris Regan (“Shatner Rules”) and Local Emmy loser Paul Sullivan ( were forced to watch this movie. They are back with a full report. I walked out of this movie when it came out. And I saw it on a plane. Hello. But listener and former guest Bucky Sinister suggested the film. I’m a man of my word… but shit man… what did I ever do to you? Seriously. Jeez.

“The Gravy Man” was one of Seagal’s last chances at getting back in the movie game. His last chance to play a cop, before actually being one.

But buddy cop films are not as easy as they seem. Stalone makes throwing out cool lines look effortless and Eddie Murphy can make any temper tantrum look funny. But it doesn’t mean any Tom, Dick and Henry Jaglom can just jump in squad car.

There’s the good, the bad the ugly. “The Glimmer Man” is the bad.
Here are the past reviews of the good and the ugly. You figure out which is which.
CobraSamurai Cop

(I know I promise Chris Gore and Logan’s Run. But Chris told me he couldn’t promote it until January, so I’m going to hold it for a couple of weeks. I have some great shows in the can, including guests like Wayne Federman, Sharon Houston, Nicko, and the guys from “Story Worthy.” I’m going to record “Hard Ticket to Hawaii” with Nicko this week and try to turn it around for next week.)
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