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“An Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe” to be Re-Imagined

“An Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe” to be Re-Imagined

In the tradition of “Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters” and “Jack the Giant Slayer,”   Meppa  Films is rebooting, or re-shoe-ing,  “An Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.” To be directed by Michael Bay, “A Really Big Shoe” has been described as “‘Die Hard’ in a shoe.”

Kristen Stewart has signed on to play the old woman.  “I am excited to be part of this reboot,” said the “Twilight” star, “Although you won’t be able to tell from my face. It’s great that there are still roles for women over 20. ”

Stewart will play an old woman who lives in a shoe and has so many children, she’s not sure of her options. Then on Christmas Eve, after putting her many children to bed with broth, but no bread,  a sinister terrorist organization with no ties to any one country invade her home. Stewart’s old woman character must save the day.



Listener Suggestion: “Teenage Space Vampires”

Listener Suggestion: “Teenage Space Vampires”

Nice shirts! There's a table cloth missing at some Italian restaurant. Zing!

Aaron Moyer  suggested the 1999 classic from Full Moon – a studio of record (Broken, scratched and in the bargain bin)

With no full ado, ok a bit more ado…ado…adoo doo doo…ok

Aaron Moyer Proudly Resents:

Teenage Space Vampires!

“Hey guys, big fan of the podcast. I have a suggestion for a bad movie that I love called Teenage Space Vampires. It was a made for TV movie in 1999 that just got re-released I think.”