“The Room” The Review

“The Room” is best of the bad, the movie that makes you feel warm inside is finally being reviewed.  This is a must see and a must be heard. The hosts of the podcast, MIPtalk.com writer Noam Dromi and actor Brad Rowe join us in a sea of crap and crying. Plus Brad tells us which Hollywood tough guy broke his ribs in a scene. Find out! Tommy Wiseau is waiting!

Don’t forget, “The Room, the Video Game.”

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5 Thoughts to ““The Room” The Review”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by MIPtalk Podcast , Brad Rowe. Brad Rowe said: A while back Noam and I were guests on the hilarious podcast Proudly Resents. We talked about one of the best… http://fb.me/uto5rDLf […]

  2. davems

    finally! i’ve been highly anticipating this episode, and i actually learned some stuff i didn’t know about the movie (like the “neck bone” scene). great hearing some new guests as well!

    here’s the neck bone scene

  3. […] out our podcast on itunes or here on “The Room.” This entry was posted in blog and tagged Chris O'neil, Johnny Utah, The Room Game Newgrounds.com […]

  4. […] The Room This is one of the best/worst films ever. You need to see it with an audience. Tommy comes to the screenings and answers questions before the movie starts. Someone made a "The Room" video game. The link to the game and my audio review here. https://proudlyresents.com/the-room/ […]

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