Watch: Gymkata!

Watch our next film “Gymkata” here for free! (Listen to our review ) It’s a Karate – Gymnastic action film. It’s like “Hunger Games” without the budget or interest. This movie was suggested by Glen Weldon from NPR and “Pop Culture Happy Hour.” He didn’t tell me directly about it, but brought it up on his show as a thing that made him happy. This movie made me happy and sad at the same time. Former high school gymnast* and voice of “Ben 10” joins me to talk about this classic. They (the evil producers) took an Olympic Gymnast and tried to make him into an action star. It’s did not work out that well. The greatest part is that it’s based on a book. A book! someone else had this idea and wrote it out and then someone said, “I will publish this.” Then someone else said, “Let’s make this into a movie and show an overhead shot of the guy’s balls.”