Siskel & Ebert Review “Jaws The Revenge”

Siskel and Ebert equally hate the 1987 razzie nominated film, Jaws the Revenge. Check out my and Nicko’s review from an earlier show. Ebert had been wrestling with cancer for years. He had lost his voice and his jaw, but he still kept up an unrelenting pace, reviewing more than 200 movies a year for Read more about Siskel & Ebert Review “Jaws The Revenge”[…]

Roger Ebert’s Return to TV

Roger Ebert is bringing film reviews and wagging thumbs back to TV. He and his wife are starting their own review show. Two other people are reviewing then there’s two corespondents and spot where Roger Ebert talks electronically. I’m so glad this show is going to be on, even if it stinks. It will fill Read more about Roger Ebert’s Return to TV[…]