Writing “The Main Event”

The writer of Barbra Streisand & Ryan O’Neal’s “The Main Event,” talks about making the boxing rom-com.  Andrew Smith exposes how the movie was pitched, why it was really made and what it was like to work with super producer Jon Peters. Andrew also spills what it was like to write for SNL – the Eddie Murphy years.

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This show is for Bucky Sinister. My friend Andrew Smith was on an earlier show talking about what it was like to have written the Madonna flop “Who’s that girl?”

Andrew and I worked on the view together, where he wrote jokes for Joy Behar.

To help promote the show, I’ve been trading promos with shows that I enjoy. So today we have two promos for shows I think you might be into. One is from Wayne Henderson who does a show about the TV show Fringe and The Hollywood Outsider. If you want to trade promos email me proudpod@gmail.com.

Here’s the Kevin Smith story about meeting Jon Peters.

MST3K’s Kevin Murphy Talks Tom Servo

“Road House” – Behind the Scenes

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