.@andygreenwald & the TV Cancellation Fantasy League

Former Grantland writer Andy Greenwald  makes it easy to choose the first losers of the 2011 Fall line up. Adam Spiegelman (“Proudly Resents”) and Andy discuss the new show and his unique approach. Go to Grantland.com to fill out your own Fall TV Cancellation Fantasy League ballot.  Hurry up, I have a feeling that Monday’s “Playboy Club” may be its last. The show looks like “Showgirls” meets “Mad Men” meets “Burlesque.”


Next week we should have a normal movie episode. Maybe with Nicko.

Wait… before you go… I just thought of this joke… the new CBS sitcom should be called “2 broke Girls and one cup!” That’s mine f’ers!

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  1. Magnolia85

    That was a great mini-sode. I can’t wait to have the draft with my friends, I can only help you have a draft app with up-to the minute updates on injury reports.

    But come on guys, please- you said “Studio 60” was awful, that is just crazy. It was a terrific show.

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