Filmmaker Jimmy Castor, Jr. Comic Jim Bruce (“The Paul Goebel Show”)and myself bite into 1972’s “Blacula.” Like most vampire films, there’s a blood sucking, bats (what happened to bats?) and a guy named “Skillet.” Afros and wooden stakes are everywhere.

The sound is a little different. It’s because we were recording in a cinder block room and because I was giving Jim Bruce crap for his show sounding so bad. Karma!
Below are my semi- professional notes.

Comic Jim Bruce from “the Paul Goebel show”

Filmmaker and fellow spring breaker, Jimmy Castor

Today we Proudly Resent 1972’s Blacula

Jimmy Castor – you chose this film. Why is that

What does it mean?

Jim Bruce, what is it about?

Woman not helping

Gay dudes from the village

One lamp lights up the room

The coroner complains about his job. – 70’s thing. Like the Flintstones’ bird record player. “It’s a living.”

“Two fagot decorators”

One strange dude


He got the girl right away


Attacking photographer – making “arg” sounds. Sounds like a grandfather chasing his kids.

White cop, named Jack.

Easy, east, rrrrr

He brought his wife vampire hunting. He brought a stake. He knew something was up.

Blacula is working the woman. She fell for that Blacula line once.

I once told a girl  I was a scout for MTV’s the Grind.

Sketch artist drawing a vampire. Like a child’s drawing.

What’s next? A stick figure with boobies?

Bloody Mary!

Why didn’t they go in the warehouse during the day.

Vampires don’t turn into bats anymore

That helmet was useless

Your tomb your tomb your tomb