Gary Busey, that’s not a cigar!

After watching “Xanadu” and thinking that the graffiti looks a bit phallic,
You-know-whats pooped up everywhere.
Let’s start with the “Celebrity Apprentice.”
(New podcast April 25th. Check out the older episodes.)
Gary Busey’s meat display for “Celebrity Apprentice.”
Last week On “Celebrity Apprentice,” Gary Busey was in charge
of packaging meat. This is how he put meat in the box.
This is an actual insert shot from the TV show.
This brings up two questions:
1)How did this get by the censors?
2) Is the editor that threw this shot in still giggling?

Jake Madfis took this picture while drive down Sunset.
Thanks for putting everyone on the road in danger for
the entertain of literally 10’s to 20’s of people.
Cris Angel promotion for his show. You don’t see it? I see it.

This is from a VHS on how to put on make up.

It’s good to find a hard cucumber.


A friend called to the Greek restaurant
to complain that her food was late.
This is how it was delivered.
I wonder if there was a message here?