Not a Cigar?

While watching “Xanadu” I noticed that they had fake graffiti that kinda looked like a penis. After catching this gaffe, I started seeing phallic symbols everywhere. Thankfully my Motorola phone has a camera in it (unfortunately it only takes film) so I could document these visions.   Enjoy the post and listen to podcast!



d This is actually from “The Last Airbender.” Full frontal nudity in a kids film?No it’s this unfortunate hairdo.

Her hair is normally bigger, it’s just very cold outside.

“I told the barber what I told the mohel, ‘A little off the top.'”

“Does this hair cut make me look like a dick?”

This makes more sense that “The Happening.”



This is on the wall of a sandwich shop called “All About the Bread.”
The Place should be called, “Clutch the Pearls.”
“Send a salami to your girl in the army.”
The woman is man, baby!
Note to the guy in front of her: “Do not stop short.”






Fancy bottle of Tequila.

Don’t swallow the worm.

Work the limes.








It’s a boutique on Melrose in Hollywood.

Does everyone name theirs?

They say they are open ’til 8, but you know it’s 5.

Is that Marvin the Martian?

They sell maternity dresses (they don’t).



It’s an evacuation plan.

In case of a fire, do not panic or giggle.

Keep looking, you’ll find it.





Submit your own picture or comment. I’ll have more later in the week. I did try to send some of these to that blog that shows these types of pictures, but they didn’t put them up. It’s been 7 months. I assume they won’t.

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