The “Real” Disaster Artist, Sandy Schklair

Listen Here (YouTube clip below) to all the secrets of the “The Disaster Artist.” 

More inside stories one of the crew members of “The Room.”

Sandy Schklair, played by Seth Rogan in The Disaster Artist, claims  that when he was hired for this vanity project he was asked to “Tell the actors where to go and to call ‘action’ and ‘cut.” Sandy never thought the movie would be seen, by anyone.

Faster than you can say “Springtime for Hitler,” “The Room” is an international hit and Tommy is taking all the credit. Sandy sits down with host Adam Spiegelman (ME!)

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Adam Spiegelman and spills all the behind the scenes details of the movie that was never meant to be.

Fans, get ready! 93% of your questions about the film are answered. If you’ve never seen the film you’ll love the tale of how this movie got made.

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We recorded during Sandy’s lunch break on the Paramount lot. We’re in a tent, but you can still hear the wind flying by and workers working. I tried to cut out my audio when Sandy was talking to cut down on the background noise.  Thanks to the sound crew at “Supah Ninjas” for recording the interview. – Adam

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I talk to the man who made the great unreleased doc, “Room Full of Spoons.” A movie about The Room that Tommy tried to block several times.

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“The Room” video game! Play this 8-bit masterpiece!

The person behind “The Room” fan fiction & his version of the pre-quel.

A print interview with a strange and talented fanatical fan.

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