Dan Janjigian talks “The Room” & Chris-R

Dan Janjigian didn't just play Chris-R in “The Room” he's an Olympic athlete, reality star and he was played by heartthrob Zach Efron in the Oscar-nominated film "The Disaster Artist.' But his teenage daughter is still not impressed. Listen to the interview.

Dan Janjigian didn’t just play Chris-R in “The Room” he’s an Olympic athlete, reality star and he was played by heart throb Zach Efron in the Oscar-nominated film “The Disaster Artist.’ But his teenage daughter is still not impressed. Listen to the interview.

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Welcome to Proudly Resents. The obsessive podcast about cult movies. Today it’s all about “The Room.” I’m talking with the man who played drug dealer with a black beanie and absolutely no patients, Chris-R. I’ve been obsessed with the movie the room since I saw it at a midnight screening in 2004. So it’s so exciting to see it go mainstream. I still think it’s cool. Tommy impressions have replaced Borat impressions with the office goofball.

I’ve been lucky enough to record interviews with Tommy Wiseau, Denny Aka Phill

ip, Lisa’s frisky best friend aka Robin Paris and script supervisor Sandy Schklair with his controversial interview.


Robin was the one who put me in touch with today’s guest Chris-R himself,

Dan Janjigian. Dan is not just Chris-R, but you’ll hear about his Olympic career


and his wife’s unusual profession. Got to Proudlyresents.com/Chris-r to find links to his site and Facebook pages. Also, you’ll find interviews with other Room actors include Tommy Wiseau, Phillip Halderman who played Denny and Robin Paris who was Lisa’s frisky best friend. Plus a controversial interview with the man who claims he was real director of the movie.

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