Dave Holmes & Sharon Houston: “Ben & Arthur”

Dave Holmes & Sharon Houston proudly resent “Ben & Arthur.”  Dave Holmes found this terribly made movie that could have set the gay marriage back 50 years.   It’s a pro-gay marriage movie that will make you anti-movie. I believe if the supreme court justices recognized gay rights just so they never had to watch “Ben & Arthur” again.

Pro Gay Marriage, Anti Being a Good Movie.

Dave, Sharon and I talk about bad writing, a fake church set, a TOGO’s that won’t go.  Ben and/or Arthur is dating Ben and/or Arthur. Gay marriage is legal for a minute and in that time they have set up a trip to Hawaii for their gay marriage, reunited with a homophobic brother, fought with a wife with terrible  gaydar and Mildred.

Watch the movie that almost brought down gay marriage below.

Dave Holmes has a new memoir out called “Party of 1.” Here’s what EW said about it…

Dave Holmes might be a familiar face if you were an MTV junkie, or if you follow his writing and TV hosting gigs across the pop culture landscape. If not, consider this your introduction: Dave Holmes will publish his memoir, Party of One: A Memoir in 21 Songs, on June 28, 2016, in which he charts his own coming-of-age through the songs he’s listened to along the way.

Click here to read part of Dave Holmes’ book.  



Here’s the plot description from Wikipedia:

Ben (Jamie Brett Gabel) and Arthur (Sam Mraovich) are a homosexual couple eagerly awaiting the legalization of gay marriage in Hawaii so that they may travel there for their dream wedding. After a news bulletin that a judge has made a ruling that will allow gay weddings to take place, the men purchase plane tickets and prepare to depart; however, before they leave, they discover that a challenge to the judge’s ruling has resulted in a suspension of gay marriage in Hawaii, pending further judicial review. Ben takes advantage of the delay to inform Arthur that he is actually already married to a woman named Tammy (Julie Belknap), whom he wed out of societal pressure before he came to terms with his homosexuality and from whom he has been separated since before he and Arthur met. Arthur becomes angry, but decides to stay with Ben anyway. Shortly thereafter, Ben contacts Tammy, finally comes out to her, and asks her for a divorce.

After the disappointment of their near-wedding, Ben and Arthur resume their daily life, working in a small diner in Los Angeles, where Ben is a dishwasher and Arthur is a waiter. Although Ben—a former nurse who quit to pursue a music career—enjoys the manual labor and hours, Arthur has grown impatient with servitude and putting up with needy customers. One night, Arthur decides to quit and go back to college, so that he can earn an MBA and open up his own sex shop. Although the loss of income to the household means that Ben will have to quit and return to being a nurse, he agrees to do so in order to help Arthur pursue his dream.