Rob Schrab Eats “Deadly Prey”

Rob Schrab (Sarah Silverman Program, Heat Vision and Jack) joins us to proudly resent “Deadly Prey.” It’s an ultra violent low-budget Rambo rip off. Speaking of rip offs, the star cuts off a bad guy’s arm and beats him with it. It’s a wonderfully flawed film with lots of “WTF” moments.

Download the movie here. Or watch on Youtube below. But whatever you do, Don’t Get Danton!

Rob talks about some of the best bad movies he’s seen and how they helped shape his career, Channel 101 and his involvement in “Everything is Terrible.”

Check out…

Channel 101
Everything is Terrible
Horrible Movie Night

Movies mentioned on the show:

Devil dog, Snake Eater 2, Hell Ride, Samurai Cop, Troma, Full Harvest, The Last Dragon, Sinbad, Story of Ricky O, Rotor, Drive Angry, Nic Cage, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Asylum Films, Grind house, Kill Bill, Kill Bill 2,