Three of the Week: 10/24

Every Monday, we present three podcasts you might not know about. Try them out. Tell me what you think.

The Business. It’s a weekly show biz show from the LA station KCRW. Each week there are one or two Hollywood type stories.  Check out the separate interviews with the two guys guys credited for writing “Battlefield Earth,” each one blaming the other for the messy film, the writer who’s suing for age discrimination, The Hollywood shrink who tells too much or  the writer and the director of “The Help.” The show starts off with some Show biz news, but each feature is pretty timeless. So go back and pull the stories you find most interesting.

I look forward to hearing this show each week. My  only gripe is the host, Kim Masters,  likes to be negative. She baits her guests to say everything is terrible and when they comply she giggles. It’s strange. Tell me if you notice that too. Still, the show is worth waiting for. I can’t wait for tonight’s show.

 Indiefeed: It’s a music podcast. Each show plays one hand picked song. After the song they have some info on the band. That simple, that good. I’ve discovered some great music through this show. They have different shows, each for a different type of music. Hip hop, indie pop, alt rock and my favorites, electronica and dance. Please don’t dismiss my taste in podcasts based on my taste in music.

The Champs.Comedian and co-creator of “The Chapelle Show” headlines this blabfest. He’s joined by comics Moshe Kasher and DJ Doug Pound. All funny comics, not sure what they have in common. Each week they have a different “black guest.” With Neal’s connections they’ve booked some great names: future comedy star Jerrod Carmichael, the great Ian Edwards and The Office’s Craig Robinson . The best two interviews are with David Allen Grier and Robert Townsend. The show is somewhere between “Three dudes hanging out” and “The Actor’s Studio.” With the talent involved (both hosts and guests) this relatively new show can only get better.

DJ DP drops sounds effects during the show. Sometimes it can be awkward, sometimes it fits. He’s no Fred Norris…yet.

This Wednesday Christin Finnegan joins me to proudly resent… Solarbabies!

Yes, they are roller skating on sand.