When Netflix & Game Shows use ICA, an “Intolerant Computerized Algorithm”

I recently watched a doc on Netflix about LA gangs. It was really good.

Netflix’s computerized system was right to assume I would want to watch other docs on gangs. I can see them thinking that would spill into docs about gangsters and people in jail. I guess it would also make sense that I like docs in general. I get that too. But why would they think I would want to watch a beloved family sitcom based on watching “Crips and Bloods?” I don’t see the connection.

Other computer fails:

There’s that old joke; “When you look up insecure in the dictionary, your face is next to the definition.” (You can tell it’s an old joke because people are using dictionaries in it.) Well Netflix just updated it. I’m not sure why I was looking up insecurity…

 Game Show Fail: 
While watching the game show Lingo, I came about a total fail. On Lingo you have 5 chances to figure out what word they are thinking of by taking guesses.

Two couples compete against each other. I assumed they were couples. That would make sense. There was a male/female black couple and a male white couple. I assume they are dating. Look at the word they had to guess.

I thought I should take a picture. Maybe that’s a funny random act. The male team won and when into a the bonus round.

The white team kicked the other teams ass. Chuck Woolery kept harping on the slaughter.

Followed by this random word choice…

And this the random word machine got mean…

Because game shows are governed by the FCC questions have to random, so it’s strange that these words came up when they did.