“Ninja 3: The Domination” with Todd Levin

More like the “Ninja 3: The Dumb-ination,” Am I right? Conan writer Todd Levin joins me to talk about great, great mess of a movie. We were going to watch some other movie, but Todd emails me that this movie is amazing and he was right!

We take down this Canon Classic!

About the lead actress Lucinda Dickey from IMDB:

Lucinda was par


t of the troupe when Solid Gold’s third season began and a short biography of her was included in press materials for the show. However, her stint was very brief — so brief that most Solid Gold fans may not realize she actually danced on the show. Born and raised in Hutchinson, Kansas, Lucinda began dancing at the age of four and went on to major in dance at Kansas State University for two years. As a college student, Lucinda competed in the Miss Kansas pageant, where she won the talent division and finished third runner-up.

Lucinda then moved to Los Angeles and won a dance scholarship with the Dupree Dance Academy. After 10 months of study at Dupree, she auditioned for the movie Grease 2(1982) and won a role as one of the film’s lead dancers. Lucinda also appeared in the movie ninja III: The Domination (1984), where she played a woman possessed by the evil spirit of a ninja assassin. The movie role she is most famous for, however, is that of Kelly (aka Special K) in the 1984 cult film Breakin’ (1984) which also featured Solid Gold dancers Cooley Jackson and Leslie Cook.

Lucinda currently lives in California with her husband, Craig Pilligian (who is co-executive producer of the TV show “Survivor”) and their two children, according to a July 2000 Hutchinson News article.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: sgdc@hotmail.com

Here are some goofs from the IMDB page:

Holes created by the Ninja stabbing through police car roof.
In one shot the ninja kicks a police officer off his bike. In the very next shot, the police officer is shown, still on his bike, flying over a hill and into a pond.
When Christie throws a ninja star at Officer Case she is on one side of the pool table close to him. When he then throws a pool ball at her, she is suddenly on the other side of the pool table further away.
In the helicopter, the Black Ninja kicks the pilot unconscious but leaves him in the helicopter. The cop behind him says, “Hold on, I’ll go and get him.” In the next shot, the pilot has disappeared.
When Christie seduces Billy, she takes her towel off and we see a white towel covering her breast. The next shot shows her bare back and no second towel.
After the evil ninja comes out of the lake he is soaked from head to toe. In the next shot, he continues to fight police officers and is bone dry.
When the evil ninja is killed at the end of the movie, he falls on his back. When the camera goes back to show him dead he is suddenly on his left side.
When Billy confronts Christie as she steps out of the shower (after the massacre at the cemetery) she has a huge ugly bruise over her right eye. She attacks Billy and leaves, going to the old temple. She gets there, fights the good ninja and passes out. When Billy finds her and pulls off the ninja hood, the huge bruise is gone, all in the shade of about an hour.
Iin the cemetery the ninja is shown briefly with a sword on his back. He turns quickly, and the other shot shows the sword is gone. He turns back the other way again, and the sword is once again on his back
In the cemetery scene, the evil ninja can be seen sliding down a rope from the trees. She is wearing heavy gloves to protect from rope burn, then the gloves disappear.
In the scene where Christie climbs the telephone pole, she stops and takes off her hat. You can see the pole clearly. When she puts her hat back on, there is a telephone box now on the pole in front of her.
In the scene where Christie crushes a pool ball, it’s obvious that the ball is a shell filled with white powder and not a solid ball.